About Asha Dii

I love and Appreciate Life a Lot.

I may have not achieved and Completely gotten what I love, Wish and Strive for… But am Thankful of where I am, What I have, What I have achieved and the effects I get from People around me.  Those who I love, those who I don’t, those who love me, those who don’t love me and those wholly indifferent. They all have Great Impacts on me and my Food for Thought.

The blog is aimed at posting my original thoughts through words on various entities in Life (My philosophical Thoughts).  Words intended for readers to develop an ‘Operative line’ on the Food of Thought; Regardless they Converge or Diverge with the original Thought  in question.

Hope you get one or two lines for your Food for Thought.




7 comments on “About Asha Dii

  1. Self realizations, to be able to fully express our inner love and beauty through our physical sense … is a Grace!!

    I honestly love to observe it in others and love to just seat and watch it flowing out and how all this works out. AshaDii, I should say, I have seen this GLOWING BEAUTY since the first time and I am full of Joy that you are now extending and share it in this lovely blog. With this I know great future is ahead!!

    Thanks a lot for coming with this!!

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